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22 July 2000 I've not been playing much this week as I've been working on finding a new ISP for the site so that we can have databases and scripting for the giuld shop. I am pleased to say that I have found one and all I need to do now is get something working! I have a alpha version of the shop up but have not got any security on it. When that's done, I will transfer the site over to the new ISP.
This has been the month for leveling as Rowenash has now reached level 50 too! Congrats Row!
Congrats to anyone else whom I havent' noticed reaching a major milestone - if you don't tell me, then it won't get a mention!
This is probably the place to mention that if you want to meet up in-game, members of Britannic Lore can be found in East Commons for the auction on Sunday evenings. We tend to hang out at the northern edge of the zone when where the desert becomes grassland as you come out from Freeport.

A (potted) history of previous news is also available.. Also, please email me if you notice any errors or you have a news snippit relevant to the Guild or it's members.

What is Britannic Lore?

Britannic Lore is a UK based guild on the "Tarrew Marr" server of the on-line role-playing game EverQuest. EverQuest is a "Massive Multiplayer On-line Role Playing Game" (MMORPG) which is set in the world of Norrath. I am not going to explain the game here as the EverQuest web site explains it so buch better than I possibly could!

Britannic Lore exists to provide UK EverQuest players with people to adventure with in their timezone! As most people playing the game are from the USA, when us Brits log on there are less people around and even less that you may wish to group with! Britannic Lore is intended to help...

Qualification for membership is easy: you need to invited by the guild. On the other hand, maybe that criteria is not so easy! The best way to get yourself invited is to introduce yourself to us. Group up with some of us and who knows, maybe someone will propose you for membership.


This site is only possible because of the members of Britannic Lore. Thank you for extending the hand of friendship to a young Paladin and making his journey through Norrath very much more enjoyable.

Thanks also to Senanin for the logo design and thoughts on the overall website colour scheme.

Be warned however that I have not forgotten those of you who haven't yet provided me with a Bio!

If you have any comments or suggestions about the site please feel free to contact me